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Frequently asked questions and answers 常見疑問

  • 絕緣系統是甚麼?

    What is an electrical insulating system (EIS)?

    Electrical insulating system is an unique intimate combination of two or more insulating materials(EIM) used in electrical equipment.



    How can I use a pre-approved system from component manufacturers?

    1. 確定您所申請產品需要的耐溫等級及電壓.(B 130℃、F 155℃、H 180℃、N 200℃、R 220℃、S 240℃) ( 600V或34.5KV)

    Step 1 : Identify the desired thermal class and voltage.


    2. FAX 您準備使用的絕緣材料清表給我們,收到您的材料清表後會幫您選一最合適的系統給您。

    Step 2 : Fax your material list to us. We will find a suitable system for you.


    3. 向我們索取授權申請函,填妥後FAX給本司。

    Step 3 : Get the authorization request form from us. Fill out the form and fax it back.


    4. 收到您填妥的授權申請表後,我們會儘快 FAX 給UL,並C.C.給貴公司。

    Step 4 : We prepare all other required documents and fax them to UL.


    5. 您即可憑此授權書向 UL 提出 UL1446 絕緣系統申請。

    Step 5 : Wait for the approval from UL.

  • UL1446 又是甚麼呢?

    What is UL1446?

    UL1446 is the Standard for Safety of Electrical Insulating System established by the Underwritier Labortary(UL). The recognition of a system by UL requires that the system go through 5000 hrs of heat aging at the lowest of the three or four temperatures the system is tested at.

    UL 1446 是美國 Underwriter 實驗室的安規標準。根據 IEC85 標準,用來規範電氣產品(如:馬達、變壓器)之繞線絕緣系統或材料,在某一溫度時熱老化、冷衝擊、震動應力、防潮、電氣絕緣等安全特性。.


    What is sealed tube testing (CCT)?

    Sealed Tube Testing is a short-term test program involving a two week oven conditioning period. This test is used to evaluate the chemical compatibility of any minor insulating components that are added to an existing insulation system.



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